Recently, Kaspersky Lab’s Costin Raul left a tweet in that he maintained that the malware packed within CCleaner V-5.33 shared the signal with the Missl backdoor trojan. Hackers wanted to harness around 20 tech firms throughout the malware.

CCleaner Malware Targeted 20 Tech Giants Including Intel, Microsoft, Samsung and Much More
A couple of days ago we’ve found, the favorite cleaning application, CCleaner was infected with a malware. Hackers have applied an malicious code in CCleaner version 5.33.6162 and the version was downloaded by more than 2.27 million users.

Recently, Kaspersky Lab’s Costin Raul made a tweet by which he promised that the malware packed inside CCleaner V-5.33 shared the code with all the Missl back door trojan. The Missl back door trojan was employed with a hacking group known as Axiom.

Axiom cookie group is assumed to be based from China and the author band was also understood by many other titles such as Group 72, APT17, DeputyDog and more. The similarities at the code were also spotted by the threat intelligence group in Cisco.

They have recently released a record in which they have maintained that a 3rd party provided the details about the command and control facility that are utilized by the malware. The investigators have found that the hackers wanted to exploit round 20 tech firms through the malware.

The researchers wrote in an post “Based on a review of the C2 monitoring database, which just covers four days in September, we can confirm that at least 20 prey machines were functioned technical secondary payloads,”

For normal users, researchers have suggested getting the upgraded version of CCleaner, in the event of big firms, the investigators have suggested to reestablish their system through backup or reimage them to completely get rid of the malware.

So, what you look at it?


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